Book Launch

Another book launch at the municipal library

In collaboration with École Saint-Joachim, Bibliothèque Saint-Joachim Library hosted another book launch, this time for books by Riley Brémaud. Riley is the daughter of Lionel Brémaud of our community. She was a graduate of École Saint-Joachim in 1996.

Riley has written the first two books of a series she hopes will eventually comprise five. She was at École Saint-Joachim on Feburary 10, to present her two books. Simon, Friends and the Dream-Stealer and Simon, Friends and the Kidnapper are stories about a community were dreams become reality. A mix of mystery and science-fiction, these books are written for teenagers, but will surely be enjoyed by young adults also.

The new author met with students and school personnel from grades 3 to 8 and the grade 11 English class. Riley was able to reach about 170 people during her visit. By a series of questions by the students and school staff, Riley shared how her dream of writing a book had started, how she came up with the idea for this series and the procedure for having her books published. She captured the audience’s attention by reading an excerpt from her first book, and when she finished she was asked by the students if she could read on because they were so fascinated by the story.

Riley’s books are available at all major online bookstores, such as and They are not available in store at this time. They are also available at your municipal library.

It was very enriching for our students to meet another graduate from their school, someone from our community, who had realized one of her dreams. She will surely be an inspiration for many, to not give up, but rather to go forward and realize their special dreams.

This book launch is the third that we have had at the library in the course of the last year. Last March, Rachelle Lamoureux presented her book for children, J’aimerais avoir… In November, Lucille Verrier had launched her book Mending Mother Earth with Native Plants. They are three authors from our community with three different styles of book which reach three different audiences. Congratulations to all of you on your success. We are proud of you.


Mending Mother Earth with Native Plants
Lucille Verrier

Despite the first snow storm of the season on November 18, a small crowd gathered at Bibliothèque Saint-Joachim Library for the launching of a new book by a local author Lucille Verrier. Lucille is the daughter of Victor and Gisèle Verrier of La Broquerie. She was raised on a farm in La Broquerie and attended École Saint-Joachim. She later went on to study biology and visual arts in Moncton, New Brunswick. She presently resides in Winnipeg where the project she describes in her book took place.

Lucille’s book, entitled Mending Mother Earth with Native Plants : an urban garden’s 5-year testimonial of the benefits achieved when landscaping with plants indigenous to one’s area, is a diary of the author’s transformation of her back yard with plants native to Manitoba. The author discussed the benefits of this project and spoke with passion as she recounted how insects and birds which would otherwise not be around could be seen in her yard. Participants were invited to ask questions about this project and Lucille and her husband Jeff Bydak were more than happy to share their experience with us. Lucille had several displays on hand and the participants were invited to view these which contained samples of plants she has in her backyard, as well as vivid photographs of fauna and flora taken by Lucille. In fact, every page in her book contains some pictures or some art by the author herself. The evening was truly an inspiration for us to do our part in mending Mother Earth.

For those who did not brave the inclement weather to attend this evening, you may view Lucille’s website at Samples of her inspiring art and photography can be viewed there, and her book can also be purchased online through that site. For every book sold, Lucille donates 25% of the proceeds to The Nature Conservancy which is the leading conservation organization working around the world to protect ecologically important lands and waters for nature and people.

Should you have any questions about Lucille’s project, you may address them to her through her Web site also.

J'aimerais avoir...
Rachelle (Verrier) Lamoureux

Over sixty people attended the book launch at Bibliothèque Saint-Joachim Library on March 17. Rachelle Lamoureux, who grew up in La Broquerie and attended École Saint-Joachim. launched her first book. She is the author and illustrator of this book for children which was published by Les Éditions des plaines. Rachelle is the daughter of Annette and Gilbert Verrier of La Broquerie. She presently teaches and is a mother of two children. She choose to return to her roots in La Broquerie for the launching of her first book.

The book, written in French, is about a little boy who is looking forward to his next birthday. What if, instead of toys or clothes, his parents would give him what he has been wishing for for a long time… a pet? But which one to choose? A monkey? A lion? A pig? He is full of imagination, and Samuel has plenty of good reasons for wanting each of these. Which one will his parents give him on his special day?

Aside from being full of surprises, the book is vividly illustrated by Rachelle. At the end of the book, we find activities which were prepared by Rachelle, which bring the child to further his thinking of the theme of the book.

After the presentation of Rachelle by Huguette LeGall, the editor in chief of Les Éditions des plaines, the new author talked about what brought her to want to write this book. This had been a childhood dream of hers. With enthusiasm, she read the book to the children (and adults) present who listened attentively and took part in the discussion which ensued. Rachelle had also prepared some activities for the children and she invited them to take part in them. A lunch was served, during which Rachelle was on hand to sign her book for those who wished to purchase it.

We are proud to have taken part in this project of a launching of a first book by one of ours. It was not that long ago that Rachelle attended École Saint-Joachim and it was a pleasure for us to be able to assist in this launching of her book. Thank you to Les Éditions des plaines who allowed us this honor.

Brigitte Girardin, from Éditions des plaines
Rolande Durand, Bibliothèque Saint-Joachim Library
Rachelle Lamoureux, new author
Huguette Le Gall, editor in chief of Éditions des plaines
members of the Board of Directors :
Yvette Gagnon, Claude Moquin,
Rolande Durand and Sylvie Coté
Sitting : Rachelle Lamoureux